Past Projects Past Projects Ship Loaders, Port Kembla Grain Terminal We were employed as construction managers on this project after having some input into the design. 192858830 Bore Water Aerator This was still under construction when the photo was taken. The council held off installing the second aerator till a later date. 192858828 Switch Room for Bore Water Pump This Job was done while working for Narrandera Shire Council the work included the delivery piping to the water treatment plant. 192858829 United Petroleum Servo Leeton NSW This Servo was partly demolished and rebuilt to our drawings. 199651777 United Petroleum Service Station Leeton NSW Basic design drawing we also prepared engineering and fabrication drawings. 205267510 Structural Steel Isometric We provide 3D Member Marking Plans as well as 2D. 192952107 205267511 Irish Villa One of many building design projects whilst working in Ireland 205208481 Rafter Detail Typical structural steel detail. 192951334 Concrete Reinforcing Details 192895273 Chute Fabrication Detail This was part of a major redesign of rice delivery to storage sheds. 192951333 Seed Grading Plant P&ID 192951330 Seed Grading Plant Partial Plan 192951331 Seed Grading Plant Sectional Views 192951332 Grain Silo Sweep Auger This job was done in collaboration with Optimum Engineering. 192895271 Pipeline River Crossing This was part of the Southern Regional Water Pipeline Queensland. 192895272 Channel Diversion One of the many drawings done for Murrumbidgee Irrigation. 201524817 Channel Diversion Coordinates 201524818 Conveyor Mobile Boot End This Boot End moves with the coal face in long wall mining. 201546373 Zinc Tailings Project Mt Isa 205442736